How to add subtitles to a Movie

When the theaters are closed, watching downloaded movies at home is a terrific option.

However, if you download a movie on the internet, you may not be able to comprehend the jargon or brand names in the movie, much alone share it with friends who speak a different language or have hearing problems.

Using online and desktop subtitle generators, as well as paid human service, we’ll show you how to permanently add subtitles to a movie for free in the next piece.

Manually Add Subtitles to Short Movies or Movie Trailers Online

Subtitling a short film or trailer may be done quickly and simply by utilizing a free and user-friendly online subtitle generator.

The best online video editor for this task would be FlexClip, which has 4 million+ royalty-free stock assets, as well as a plethora of useful video editing features. Subtitles may be added in a variety of ways, including low thirds, animated subtitles, and more. It’s free, without any watermarks, and doesn’t need any download.

Download SRT Files to Add Subtitles to a Long Movie

Subtitling a short film or trailer may be done quickly and simply by utilizing an online subtitle generator that is both free and easy to use.

FlexClip is the best online video editor for this purpose since it provides a wide range of useful video editing tools, including both traditional and snappy subtitle designs, as well as 4 million+ royalty-free stock assets. Traditional still subtitles, low thirds, and animated subtitles with dynamic components may all be simply added. There’s no need to download anything to use it since it’s free and watermark-free.

Powerful FlexClip video editor

  • Upload Video Asset to FlexClip and Add It to the Storyboard

The “+” button is all you need to add clips to the storyboard after uploading them to the FlexClip media library.

  • Add Subtitles to the Film by Hand

Choose ‘Text’ from the left-hand menu.  Choose from a variety of pre-made templates. It may be added by clicking the left mouse button and selecting “Add to Movie”. This feature allows you to change the fonts and colors used in the design as well as the positioning of the text. The “Text” menu also includes low thirds, promo subtitles, profile subtitles, speech bubbles, and comic subtitles, as well as quotations and search bar subtitles, among other options outside standard subtitles. When the time comes, just choose one.

  • Placement of a Subtitle in a Video Must Match the Video Frame.

The “Clock” symbol is located in the upper right corner.
Add subtitles by dragging the Playhead to the precise frame where you want them to appear.
The subtitle should be dragged to the correct location.
– To shorten the length of the subtitle, just move the slider up or down. Done.

  • Permanent Subtitles are available for viewing and downloading.

The editing is complete. Alternatively, you may save the video to your computer, upload it to your YouTube channel, or save it in your Dropbox account. Free GIF export software is also available.

Download SRT Files to Add Subtitles to a Long Movie

Adding subtitles to a movie that lasts more than two hours is best done using a desktop subtitle generator that works with SRT files. VLC, a free video player for Windows, Mac, and Linux, may be used to permanently add subtitles to a movie.

How to add subtitles to a movie permanently in VLC

  • Download and Run VLC Media Player on Your PC for Free.
  • Using VLC, you may permanently add subtitles to a video.
    Once the movie is imported, choose “Use a Subtitle File” and open the SRT file that corresponds to it; then click the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen. In the drop-down menu, choose “Convert/Save” go to Format > “Convert” Choose a location to save your video and a new name for it, then click “Start”. Done.
  • Enjoy Your Movie with Subtitles if You Find the Right Folder.